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She made a mistake? hmmmm

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PostWysłany: Czw 10:01, 18 Paź 2007    Temat postu: She made a mistake? hmmmm

Let me start off by saying that I have been dating a lot lately.

There is this one girl I have been seeing who I wasn't that interested in at first, but as time went on I was thinking that maybe I should give her a chance.

I met her in a bar. The first time I approached her, we chatted for a bit. i was going to leave soon and I asked for her number. She was like "I don't meet people in bars." So I talke dto her a little more and when I had her laughing again - I was like "I better go before you start liking someone you met in a bar." So I bolted. The next weekend, I bumped into her again at the same place and she gave me her #.

So anyway, this girl and I have had multiple dates. I have taken her to dinner, drinks, a show... etc. This is over a period of 1-2 months. She has mentioned many times "that I have good qualities" and things of that nature.

Last weekend, we hung out both Friday and Saturday night. We even talked about possibly seeing more of each other.

We get back to my place, I sat on my couch and she on the loveseat. It wasn't long before she got up, sat down beside me, and the next thing I know she is on my lap, making out heavily.

The next night, we went out again, and she was very touchy-feely once again. I purposely sat back and let her make the moves.

It was like 3 AM Sunday morning, she was laying on my couch. I told her I was headed to bed and she could join if she wanted- or I would fetch her a blanket to sleep on the couch. She seemed indecisive so I just went to bed. When I woke she was gone, which was cool...

So, fast forward 2 days later. I call the girl to say hello and make small talk. Somehow we get on the conversation of what transpired on the weekend and she flat out said she "made a mistake".

That really blew me away. I mean I let this make all the moves only to turn around and say what she did like I somehow pressured her?

I told her that this would be pretty much it for us and I don't understand.

Then she breaks out the whole relationship talk.... uggh. Claiming "I am not ready for a relationship." I am just sitting there wondering where that even came from!

I was like "can't we just go back to enjoying each other's company?" and "why do we have to label it?"

I just can't bring myself to hang with a girl who claims making out with me is a MISTAKE. So I told her to go away....

I just find the whole thing very peculiar.

Her body languages says one thing and her mouth speaks another...
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